Sunday, May 14, 2017

Bitcoin moving out

It is legal currency now in some places, and  an investable currency in others.  It is the defacto standard for hedging capital controls and central bank moves.

What happened?

The block chain folks suddenly decided to find queuing methods that expand the block size option, Segwit, and other innovations, all sandbox standard.  It is those automatic queues, the flexible ledger pricing and the ability to hold coin personally, that tech is happening. We have a set of bitcon  compatible ledger services, good news.

The old system is in risk parity mode, everyone is taking the even money bet across the tradeable assets. But, look under the covers in some of the new tech trading systems evolving for traditional banking. Advanced stuff, auto-pricing and asset matching. They are understanding tradebook uncertainty and round robin access, asynchronous adjustments; odds making.

All of that is coming to the sandbox nearest you, get your secure element.

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