Monday, May 8, 2017

Blaming Trump for the recession

The kanosians already testing the plot.

The idea being that since the recession started on his watch.  Today's recession, which has not officially  arrived,   I would tend to blame  lil Bush and Reagan.
The tax cutting Republicans are notorious for unsustainable currency insurance, and  that is causing the generational defaults.

I believe that federal health care was a disaster and Obamacare simply piled on.  We could bounce along low growth and carry the  disaster without a recession.

Brings back the Fisher equation. 

If the Fed hikes rates on a bankrupt senate then I will deploy a treasury defaulting trading  pit  bettable by 6 billion secure element holders and we will get roughly 2-5%real, honest to god currency losses over the net ten years.  I can default a ton of that crap away and make the world a better place, but we end up in a multi-currency framework, the senate gives up  monopoly control of the secure elements.

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