Wednesday, May 17, 2017

California and Sotomayor making stuff up


 And thanks to a California district attorney’s irrational, and probably unconstitutional, “collateral consequences” policy, Ms. Rastogi and her children are likely to continue to live in fear. Santa Clara County district attorney Jeffrey Rosen has a formal policy that allows reductions in charges against non-citizens (legal or illegal) to avoid risking the possibility that a defendant might be deported for committing a felony. 
There you go, just ignore the rule of law and a make shit up judiciary results.  

What this means is that when Jerry wants our pension payments then millennials will not pay.  The little browns will suffer as the unions hound them for regressive taxes, like Jerry;s pension tax on fuel. When the little browns revolt, we will  aim their  pitch forks at Jerry and  the Cal totalitarians,

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