Monday, May 8, 2017

Dealing with patent trolls in the sandbox

The key point about the sandbox, it has always been there.  The Redneck architecture was implicit in the old system, and in the system before that. Going back to the 70s we have future price estimators, then credit cards started to talk about tokens vs accounts.   Counterfeit policing goes back to almost infinity.  Fair trading without a market rig has been an issue since the 1800s. And high frequency trading has already arrived patent free.

Most of what I call the sandbox is an attempt to match semantics, not an attempt to invent.  My invention is the greatest hybrid engine known to man.  The Redneck architecture is just some mathematical labeling and  kicking stuff around; all of it open source, all of it unpatentable as it is all a copy of something already done.

My one exception going way back was bio security, patents that make thumb printing a 100% lock are worth the fee.

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