Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Deep welfare state produces unparented killers

Half the kids killed are the result of community members failing to inform the police of gang activity. The killers seldom caught because community members do not cooperate with police./  

So, ask yourself how many parented kids know enough to a avoid the welfare communities and you have the perpetuated poverty here in Fresno Ca; courtesy of the local welfare conspiracy. Now we have killer squads roaming the streets hunting whites, came close to getting me one a few occasions.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said much the same in a news conference Tuesday: “From a long-term strategy, we need the help of every person in this community. Or we’re going to be facing this 15 years from now.”This knot of gangs and violence is not easily undone. All of Fresno’s mayors going back to Jim Patterson in the 1990s have tried mightily to protect innocent citizens, young and old, from the bullets of gang activity. Thus far, there’s been little headway in breaking the cycle of multigenerational gang membership.The reality is that there are parts of Fresno where gangs rule by intimidation. Some kids are born into gang families and raised to become criminals. Others are recruited with a promise that they will be protected from rival gangs or they’ll make easy money.

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