Saturday, May 13, 2017

Details of betting NGDP in the sandbox?

Assume the well known fair trading conditions,established long ago and unpatentable.

The bit error function says NGDP grows 2% a year, until they do a hard fork.  Everyone can have a bot, including the bean counters at BEA.

Here is the deal, the BEA announces at a specific time and place, and the pit boss makes the difference with the difference on a probability weighted basis. But everyone bets exactly delta M.

Whoa! Works just fine, the cycle price rises as the moment approaches and the distribution of bets in the queues becomes a wiener process, but the number becomes exactly delta M after the payouts.

Congestion is the game, always, the pit boss is really managing that. During the quarterly period, secure elements (all 6 billion of us) will be making their quarterly NGDP declarations, early when the cycle price is low, or even negative.  The pit boss is really doing accounting, incentivizing everyone to collect their loose cash so delta M is set.  This is a complex of Redneck Trading pits, set spawn = true. We will all dutifully execute this 'ledger service; and get marked to marks at 2% delta M.

Sandbox can do it, and our clever engineers using the architecture tells us they can add defaults into the function.  Hence, our leverage with the senators, they will approve.

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