Thursday, May 11, 2017

Diane Feinstein and Bubba Clinton fouled the patent sytem

Dean is right on thes point:

They also supported longer and stronger patent and copyright monopolies, policies that allow for hundreds of billions to be sucked away from the rest of us to pay the small group in a position to benefit from these rents. And both Democratic presidents (especially Clinton) were just fine with monetary policy that keeps millions of people (disproportionately African American and Hispanic) from having jobs and depresses the pay of tens of millions of workers who have jobs.
Which is why this nation depends on political incorrect assholes pointing out the obvious theft to the little browns. 

 If it weren't for me, some idiot would have patented money, and Feinstein would have fucked us all into oblivion.  So, you can see why choosing skirts from the secretarial pool for the senate  appointment is bad. 

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