Sunday, May 7, 2017

Does latino society suffer the castration anxiety?

Here is a BBC story about different forms of sexism. My theory is that Latino men are still embarrassed when the Muslims whooped em and took over Spain.  I think it gave them a sever cultural shock to the preciousness of their manly thing.

There was one day, though, when I dropped the scowl and chose another tactic.
A scorching summer afternoon, I had popped into a corner shop to buy some water.
As I waited to cross the road, two men in a van started to shout out remarks about my body.
I tried to ignore it, but then something inside me snapped.
I removed the lid of my water bottle and squeezed the entire ice-cold contents in their faces.
The comments certainly stopped, and I felt a whole lot better.

Castrata Espanol is a better term than Macho.

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