Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hate crimes against whites are not counted by racists at VOX

The Portland stabbing is the latest in a wave of racist attacks across America

A Vox report by German Lopez, one of the anti-white racists at the VOX.  Hate crime really means anti-white legal system in which hate crimes against whites some how do not count.  Hence, whites who suffer the disproportionate amount of racism, legal and other wise do not get reported.  For example, California has a racist law allowing anyone to sue someone else in office, based on skin color.  The intyent and aim of the law is a legal attack on white people buy the racist Cal legislature.  Also, note the authors fail to mention the three dead white, a victim of race crimes.  Nor did they mention the game black kids were playing in punching out white folks a few years ago.   No mention of the exclusion of whites from many campus activities, a trend that is increasing. No mentiobn of the racist demands of black lives matter.

No, these boneheads at VOX follow the Doonesbury, Ted Turn plastic liberal rule sheet.

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