Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I quit guessing

This Is Now the Third-Longest Economic Expansion in U.S. History

The two biggest repeat cycles happened, the generational and presidential.  Wer do not know much about how this works.

Some events will be  different this time.   The economy would not remember back with that enough efficiency, so this part we see for the first time; or, a big part of the uncertainty is going to be bit error.  All the bots will have mis-pricings, from way back, marked to market.

So, this economy is mostly making the even money  bet, staying calm until we get the first pricing event, how do the senators balance.  It thus remains, when are the senators out of their bounded variation.  And, how big are the back dated interest charges.  

And, the answer may be, not too bad, we bounce along and suffer the few inflationary years of rebalance. The other answer is massive coordination failure during the rebalance. We get the bad outcome when senators try in desperation to make all the insurance payments.

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