Monday, May 1, 2017

It is like a fair trade soup

The quantum computing machine.

The serial round robin access, the asynchronous dropping of bids, and the pit boss become a single click. The bot writes its trade and reads its gains or losses.  Inside the soup is almost mass and almost light, cooled way down.  By setting the boundary conditions, the soup function is established, it will generate all the pricing orbits  that close the bounded variations.  

It exchanges a bit of heat, I think, as part of bit error (Hawking radiation and all that).  The 'denomination algebra' becomes ma superposition of the various S/L ratios kept by the bots. My bot is represented in the soup, the soup can always make change for my bot as my bot trades frequently there.

So, it is essentially pre-queued in arrangements that fit the 'market' designed otherwise by bit error bounds. And each trade becomes the perturbation of the typical queueing.  

We do not need it right away, we need the Redneck Reference Architecture.  The current microprocessors get us all we need for ten years.

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