Monday, May 29, 2017

Jerry demands school cuts to cover unsustainable pensions

LA Daily News:
Regarding the $1 billion in one-time funding for K-12 schools that Gov. Jerry Brown proposed last week in his 2017-18 budget: The word is don’t count on it – at least not next year.In what a school consultant is calling a “bait and switch,” the Department of Finance is saying that the money won’t be available until May 2019 at the earliest – and possibly only partially then. The department will release the funding after it’s sure that the revenue projections on which the budget is based came true.“While we recognize that there may be some who would prefer that these one-time funds be released sooner, given the recent and demonstrated volatility of revenues, we believe that postponing the release of these funds in the manner we have proposed is a prudent policy in light of this uncertainty,” department spokesman H.D. Palmer wrote in an email.

Standard crap for the union totalitarians. 

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