Wednesday, May 3, 2017

More on bio fuel scale

The numbers quoted below say ethanol is the best liquid fuel because it mainly puts out  CO2.  The claim that ethanol is a net reducer is suspect, but maybe true considering small usage on an ad hoc basis.  

Here is my message to the electric car freaks.  Fund my new engine technology and go buy ethasnol by the barrel.  You get the better environmental solution plus some real kick ass technology and electro drive you would not believe.  Wait, that is not all, 400-600 mile range on a tank of ethanol,no problem.  Electric cars, child's play; let us really kick some ass here.
Using ethanol as a vehicle fuel has measurable greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions benefits compared with using gasoline. Carbon dioxide (CO2) released when ethanol is used in vehicles is offset by the CO2 captured when crops used to make the ethanol are grown. As a result, FFVs running on ethanol produce less net CO2 than conventional vehicles per mile traveled.A 2012 study by Argonne National Laboratory found that when these entire fuel life cycles are considered, using corn-based ethanol instead of gasoline reduces life cycle GHG emissions by 19-48% depending on the source of energy used during ethanol production. Using cellulosic ethanol provides an even greater benefit—reducing GHG emissions by up to 115% depending on cellulosic feedstock type and conversion processes. Recent studies have shown the importance of incorporating assumptions about future crop production rates and land use into life cycle analyses. These factors can substantially affect net GHG emission calculations.

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