Monday, May 1, 2017

One click to buy patent?

Has anyone see the bubble gum machine where you just drop a coin and the coin flips a lever, the gum ball comes rolling down the slide?  I know most gumball and vending machines were two click, put the money in, press the button, true.  Then we have the peanut machines, drop the nickel, turn the knob.

But I am sure stock brokers have been using click to buy wince, forever.  How in the frig did the US government suddenly threaten to take away our homes if we did drop and buy?  Are federal agents down hunting one drop gumball machine built before Jeff was born?

No, the secure element exchanges with a protocol, one step, two step, N step protocols.  We have no special feed when N=1, that is a mathematically impossible patent, the mere approval of such a patent would make all other human activity jibberish.

My suggestion, move forward with the sandbox with the deliberate intent of charging California and Washington an extra, very large fee, for bogisity and stupidity.  Mostly Diane Feinstein is to blame.

The patyent, by the way,m is almost never used

Look at most purchases on line, click to the product, click to buy; I count two clicks.  And, no, don;t tell me wait, I cannot count the first click? Why can I not count the first click?  Because Jeff Bozos has already declared my search click uncountable, thus guaranteeing his fee.  I cannot see a valid argument for this, and wonder how we avoided appellate court on this.  

In other words, why bother, secession and nullification are in order when the elite are stuck in circular delusional logic.

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