Monday, May 15, 2017

Sandbox deployment schedule

A marketing report we swill have 3 billion secure elements by 2022.
Revenues for mobile and wearable biometric authentication will exceed US$6.2bn by 2022, Goode Intelligence predicts. “By 2022, over 3.3bn users will be benefiting from secure convenient biometric authentication,” the research firm says. Biometric authentication technology on wearables is some “years behind the smart mobile device market” but analyst Alan Goode believes it will “eventually appear on commercially available consumer wearable devices potentially as early as late 2017 or during 2018.”
I do not think the senators can wait until 2022 before default.  

A lot of folks will get screwed, and the senators are likely to try and time the defaults to  take maximum advantage of coordination failure. I would shoot for 2018, frankly, there is a real danger the next down turn will do the trick.

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