Monday, May 22, 2017

The charge is baseless since California has an official anti-white legal system

Spanish-language television, leveled the on its face ridiculously false charge as part of a Univision report on the Trump administration’s early, swift success (as demonstrated by ICE statistics) in reversing the large-scale collapse of immigration law enforcement that was a hallmark of the closing years of the Obama era.The amped-up rhetoric is part of a concerted effort by Democrats, activists and their liberal media allies to portray Trump and Republicans generally as anti-Latino and ‘criminalizing immigrants’ by the very act of enforcing the laws on the books.
As long as hispanics support the racist regime of the Cal Dems, then anybody is free to ethnic cleanse.  My suggestion to Cal Dems is to stop the anti-white racism inherent in law and practice, otherwise we will not \obey any of the racist crap coming from   that legislature. 

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