Monday, May 8, 2017

Understanding the pit boss

The pit boss estimates the likely container algebra, and it is always wrong and collects its own error as the 'orbits' are revealed.  The problem is that the baskets are real, stuff in the smart layer does not disappear and reappear.

Meanwhile,  the real goods is asymmetric flow, mostly. The reverses are inventory gone to zero and docks over flowed and goods returns and contract claw backs and bankruptcies; a very difficult inverse, and the pricing algebra is always a bit of incomplete.

The mis-cues in inventory are the quantum contradictions of physics , the guy at the docks cannot split an arbitrary cardboard container. The pit boss, dealing with a coherent map of real distribution, will see the same contradictions, and will bears some quantization noise in and out.  But it is conserved noise.  Coin is conserved, even in the face of declared currency issuance, when it is fair traded with equal observability and no time bets.  Then the pit boss becomes wienerized.

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