Monday, May 29, 2017

University of Cal deep state attacks honest professors

UCLA students say ‘free speech is under attack’ and a conservative professor is the target 

About 25 students and supporters, carrying signs saying “Free speech is under attack” and “Keep your agenda out of our classroom,” gathered Friday on campus before bringing a list of demands to Laura Gómez, interim dean of UCLA College Division of Social Sciences which oversees the Communication Studies department, who wasn’t in her office when they delivered their list. Among the demands: that Fink be allowed to keep teaching and that the school implement curriculums “that increase intellectual tolerance” on campus.
Mick Mathis, a senior at UCLA, said pressure on Fink is about curtailing free speech.
“This is supposed to be a marketplace of ideas, and it’s not a marketplace of ideas if they’re trying to get rid of somebody with a contradictory viewpoint,” Mathis said.

The totalitarians  put another Sotomayor in charge of the communications department and suddenly it is 'make shit up' .  

The response of California citizens should be massive tax evasion and recall of all the Cal totalitarians, starting with Jerry Brown.  The problem is that taxpayers pay for  liar union professors, quite common at Bezerkley and UCLA.  If Cal legislature wants fraud in public colleges then make Zuckerberg pay for it, he is the useful idiot.   Why are the totalitarians making little browns pay for their crap with a gas tax.

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