Saturday, May 6, 2017

What is cool about electro drive

The idea is to replace all bearing, cranks, shafts, brakes, tranmisions, and clutches with heavy solid copper.

Solid copper can run straight, then coil tightly, making magnetic fields convertible into rotary or linear motion.  But were are talking heavy (100 Amp plus) currents to drive car, that is eight gauge solid copper, thick stuff.

Anywhere, if the coils are tightly spaced, one coil will be pushed by the other, and one coil can have control over the pushing is energy can be saved inside a bulk capacitor.  Mechanical motion comes from a simply wound rod inside a solenoid; or a stationary set of coils surrounding a rotating coil. Force the motion, ghenerate current or force the current generate motion.

A differentiation is between rod and rotor; the things that move inside stationary coils,  These have motion forced upon them, or force motion on the copper system.  A smaller amount of control current in these moving parts is a gear shift change, a result of using the on board capacitor to spread energy flow giving the effect of gear change. We we have the concept of total magnetic drive, in the traditional sense, with fine tuned transmission control from end ot end.  The fine tuning comes from higher power digital/electronic controls which can manage power factor control in the rod or rotor.

In the new engine design of my own patented invention, the total control of braking, clutching, and combustion control is expected to take some 10-15% of the current flow, all controls being magnetically driven.  The stator coils are all direct connect, except some power drain by the controller.  So we end up with a very simple idea, just optimize the combustion, and whatever remains goes to wheel drive. My engine was designed to give a comparison framework between battery storage and combustion.  With diredt combustion-electro drive, then the battery is equivalent to the four piston combustion with direct revers solenoid current generation.  The heavy capacitor should be in both. I get 500 pounds of engine wiht liquid fuels vs 1200 pounds of battery.

My patents already granted by the Would court of fair patents, so just contact me and I will find your engineering team.

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