Friday, May 5, 2017

Working on my secret patent

The revolutionary combustion engine suspended in magnetic control with no rotating parts of bearings.  The simplest direct combustion to magnetic drive available, a world revolution. Don't tell anyone, they will steal my patent. The complete three diagram patent application stats here, and here.

The linear equations are simple matrix algebra, requiring me to go look up undergraduate electrics again. But, there is further simplification, the electronic controller can separate braking,clutching from stroke control on the combustion piston..  But we are going to pump about 5 kw into and out of the capacitor 40 Kw delivered to the wheels.  In other words, some of the energy and mass spent on crank shaft and bearing is returned in heavy coil windings and high charge flow capacitive element.

Then, power to the wheels is what remains when combustion is optimum, the primary control current comes from magnetic induction energy, collected in the combustion stroke. It is sent directly to the stator windings on the wheel. This high current, AC flow is like a drive shaft, straight series connection. But the magnetic controls, elimination of rotation, let us create the magnetic drive shaft direct from combustion to wheel, fully clutched and geared.

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