Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bad patents issued by the Swamp

The US Patent office needs to be shut down.  Read the following patent, it is about using blockchain to buy movies.  Useless, first of all, since the whole thing is currently done with digital money over the internet with no blockchain.  But read on, they intend to patent the purchase of bubble gum with blockchain, then patent the purchase of coffee with blockchain etc.  This looks like a clear attempt by the patent office to make blockchain perfectly useless. Find one instance where a bitcoin was used to purchase any digital media, prior to the application.  Then refer to that instance, AT&T will not touch you as it invalidates their bogus patent.
Look at it this way.  AT&T could have patented the selling of movies using SQL, what is the difference? My advice? As long as Diane Feinstein and the Silicon Geeks engage in the behavior we, the victims, have no obligation to pay taxes and nullification is valid. Nor should anyone, anywhere, ever purchase an AT&T product, ever.
I should also mention.  Any product purchased with a coin issued by the Redneck reference architecture, including all forms of fair traded pits as defined in this blog, especially S&L tech,  is unpatentable, and free to use.  So, bitcoiners and Silicon geeks, hands off the patenting of money, it is already in use. You can fuck up blockchain all you want, we still have secure elements and we can proceed without any bogus blockchain technology if need be. Protect your technology from the Swamp, they will fuck it up. Establish clear and published prior work and make the unpatent declaration.
US telecom giant AT&T has been awarded a patent for a kind of home subscriber server backed by blockchain tech.A home subscriber server performs authentication and media delivery functions for subscription holders. AT&T’s patent, as reported last year by CoinDesk, was aimed at improving the resiliency of these systems by creating a distributed network of nodes that share information.AT&T first filed its patent application in April 2015. According to records from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the patent was awarded on 30th May.At the time of its release, the application was notable for the fact that AT&T hadn’t revealed much of its work with the tech prior. The home subscriber server application was also noteworthy as it revealed that AT&T weighed utilizing the bitcoin blockchain itself versus an implementation of its own.As explained in the application:".... in cases where the decentralized and distributed secure home subscriber server system utilizes the bitcoin blockchain, advantage can be taken of the plethora of nodes contributing and maintaining the security of bitcoin transactions."Since that application was first filed, the telecom sought approval for another patent focused in part on in-car payments with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

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