Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bogus debate on the Air traffic control


If the GOP’s plan becomes a reality, the air-traffic control system would be removed from the auspices of the Federal Aviation Authority and turned into a nongovernmental nonprofit, with a board of directors including representatives for airlines, regulators and consumer advocates. Additionally, the air-traffic control system would move toward a model based on GPS technology, rather than the more rudimentary radar-based technology currently used, meaning — in theory, at least — that planes could operate more efficiently, use less fuel and charge less.
A complete overhaul like the one Trump supports may not even be needed. Delta uses software that optimizes flight arrivals among the airline’s fleet, so that its planes land in an order that best serves consumers. Consequently, the airline has among the best ratings when it comes to on-time arrivals in the industry, boosting overall customer satisfaction with the airline. No other major U.S. carrier has implemented the technology. “I’m puzzled why airlines simply won’t do what’s in their best interest,” Mann said.
This is all about updating technology, nothing more.  But it degrades into a debate about unions, which have nothing to do with technology.  Just hire one official union member to watch the software do its thing.  The union of one air traffic controller is happy and the technology gets updated. 

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