Friday, June 30, 2017

Building the BTC travel bank

Get a valid address for block chain holdings.  You will run the BTC Travel Bank S&L for members of the travel club.  You company selects by reliable frequent travel, and members are under contract in that they suffer relative penalty if they stray to far from their typical travels.

You members  carry the BTC Travel wallet, or industry equivalent, and generally spend in BTC, which ore traded on par with any other branded block chain address. Par trading between branded block chain addresses risks only ledger fees, whereby small banks are inefficient aggregators.

You bank targets the typical price variation observed by its members.  BTC has already hedged the central banks, it tends to be FX neutral, we hope. So your members gravel FX neutral between many travel vendors, very nearly in par with BTC prices in the local currency.  Your travel bank will make some do-re-me, you save the frequent traveler bucks by pre-factoring FX uncertainty.

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