Thursday, June 8, 2017

Central banking is the bubble, not bitcoin

Look at one in a series of central bank or capital control interventions.  From the QEs, the capital controls in China, abolishing cash in India, banning crypto in New York and California.

Take one example, China imposed accounting restrictions on credit  cards held by individuals.  Do the numbers, the government just altered about 10 billion a month.  Which is best to adapt? Crypto, assumed the cash transaction cost is zero,ledger fees priced, free entry and exit, equal access to tradebook, and the equivalent of secure endpoints.

So, the cryptos are going to get more than a $10 billion each time a central banker or government screws with the do-re-me.

But its volatile, for now.  Volatile because the auto traded liquidity managers, like the one Barclay got for the tax dollar?  Say, I have an idea, Barclay just modify the pit so the currency can be swapped.

What should Janet do?

Go get the Barclay machine, set it up and set the bit error variance to 3%.  Hit go and call that monetary policy for the tax dollar.  A 3% variance in managing tax and goods on government deliveries, sure, force the issue.

Othertwise every central banker should endorse the secure end point architecture as we know it. The keys, private, ability to deploy trade bots, honest double entry, multi-currency accounting with  a jamming stop function (cycle cost) red/green, and biometriced.  Hand held, a javascript app layer that manages the tokenizing and contract functions.

Central banks need to surrender, now, quick, seriously.

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