Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Everybody gets a Fed account?

That is the other fear, everyone will put their extra do-re-me on account with the Fed. They will make even money.  The sandbox is managed congestion, all 6 billion of us may have tapped the tax dollar NGDP futures, but we bet to the level of significance in our local distribution chains. Our bets will be spread, by S&L pits and ledger queues.  So, yes, all our bets, all 6 billion, eventually get through. We all get fair access to the deposit and loan trees. And, yes, we pay he price for accuracy.

The cards are here, you major banks are getting them on order for their major customers. It is the only protection against HFT and unfair book access. No problem, send them out to all 6 billion, sandbox is money, is self managed congestion, and it is, now here.

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