Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Everything is returning to banker bot

The bot is simple a set of graph traversal rules, whether the trade book or the ledger graph.  It is a software bot and obeys start and stop by he microprocessor, which can be made secure.  This enforces priced  round robin access to the trade book and ticks on the ledger graph.  So, all traders have a bot on the ledger graph, cash in their chips as they need to.

The counterfeit here is to control multiple bots, so it needs trusted parties who release bots.  But, right now, today wallets are coming on market that can do this. So, large shadow bankers like Barclays, with an auto-traded infrastructure, can order one of these trusted cards for all their customers, cheap.

Today, now, hey, I pre-order 10,000 in their name. The Barclay pits are up and running, their techies will make them multi-currency.

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