Wednesday, June 14, 2017

I got this trumpster case figured

Flynn wanted a shady deal, likely wanted in on a ruskie investment into trumpdom. That is why Flynn did not want to register as lobbyist. Flynn looked a good bet, pals  with trumpster.   The Comey dude in the FBI got wind of the deal via NSA intercepts. Then he leaks about this investigation.  Trumpster says, just fire the dude if he won;t lay off Flynn.  Then the Mueller guy claims the right to call that obstruction of justice.

The original deals were legal, except Flynn selling access.  The originals deals were no doubt the typical shady trump hotel deals. Trump, the usual shady dealer.

Flynn's original crime? Posing as a legitimate lobbyist while doing secret real estate deals, in exchange to access to the trumptser. First, Flynn is the first of a hundred who pull the same shit in Trumpster deals. Flynn did it with the ruskies, easy to prove maybe,  but why not?

If there was no real crime, trump likely knows and was simply giving evidence, lay off, not much happened in the deal.  Or saying that this is like a hundred others have done in precious deals.

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