Saturday, June 17, 2017

It is not abut drone deliveries

Jeff wants Whole Foods because of the buyer's club effect that is coming soon.

Our personal, secure elements can down load the WalMart grocery list, and our smart phone application will set up all your WalMart buyer's club discounts to be maximized.  The green light points your way down prows of price beacons.

One could make food stamps obsolete because the distribution of choices is dense when transaction costs assumed zero. When the cost of discounting milk by date is zero, then most milk inventory will be allocated, and buying milk on the last day will be pennies to the nickel.

Most of the product minimizing is a pain in the ass, mathematically; huge set of graph searches.  But your phone or pc has the graphics and horse power. It knows about secure element and can prepare the optimum purchase list off line.

The geeks are doing this, and inventory costs are going to drop, a fair deflation.

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