Friday, June 30, 2017

Keys in the secure element

I have two, at least. One is a key only known to the secure element and one is known only by all secure elements. Then I added keys that are known only to groups of secure elements, and secure elements search out group members as part of mutual certification.

Secure element vendors can customize a bit, focus on a WalMart branded SEs that are closely linked by  keys.  

Adding keys into the SE in support of some new tokenized app?

I dunno, not the expert. I presume it will happen.  We have to see app development tools that can compile correctly using key manipulation macros in the SE.  Systematically generating buyers clubs around some identifiable supply chain is huge business.  Travel companies jumping on the bitcoin mobile wallet campaign, for example.  We will see web sites develop pricing around common SE standards  and real value added channels in the economy become visible, consumers can reserve space back into the channel.

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