Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mayor of London: Do not be alarmed by police, but they are expensive as hell

Kevin Drum fairly stupid:
Khan was obviously telling Londoners not to be alarmed about the increased police presence they would see today. Fox News carried it, so I'm sure Trump heard the whole statement.
What the frig was the mayor saying, Kevin, that cops are handing out candy bars to babies? 

No, they are looking to protect London against deranged Jihadi terrorists, numb skull. And with an estimated 70,000 jihadis invited into the UK, the cops have every reason to be on the streets hunting them down.  Why did the cops respond in eight minutes? Because this was the second terror attack in about two weeks and cops will be all over the UK until the 70k jihadi terrorist are killed or put in jail.

The Stork Theory of paying for unsustainable entitlements is not working, policing the rebellious Jihadi slaves is extraordinary.

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