Friday, June 2, 2017

No, California has that title

The Journal Sentinel talking about a Wisconsin slowdown.

In previous national recessions, Wistax researchers say, Wisconsin has acted as a bellwether.
“Wisconsin tends to slow and go into recession before the rest of the country,” typically with slumps in the state’s manufacturing economy, said Todd Berry, the group’s president.
That was true in the last recession, which saw a pronounced employment slowdown in 2007 in Wisconsin before the national economy began to cool in the summer of 2008 and then collapsed a few months later amid a full-blown financial crisis.
“We are the canary in the coal mine,” said Dale Knapp, head of research at Wistax, adding that he hopes that he’s wrong but that the numbers should “raise a caution flag.”
Nah, California is the national slowdown.

Wisconsin runs a close second.

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