Thursday, June 1, 2017

No, Jonathon Bernstein, you are a fake

Sure, you might think: Donald Trump isn't exactly a competent president. But it's a long-standing truism of U.S. politics that, at the end of the day, presidents really don't have immediate and severe effects, for better or worse, on economic performance or jobs. Instead, what really matters are larger-scale forces -- say, the growth or stall of productivity, something that politicians have very little effect on in the short term. We can all play games with economic statistics and where presidencies begin and end, but most of the claims involved are partisan fictions.

No, Jonathon, they are not partisan games.  Shall we look at the chart and explain it? Ok,

 Jonathon claims that Trump can harm the economy.  I claim that every presidential regime change since 1980 has resulted in a recession, regardless of who is elected.

Look at phasing, blue bars relative to the election cycle.

Jonathon, you are the fake.  Your claim that this is a Trump issue and business cycles are unrelated to presidential cycles is pure horse manure.  You, Jonathon, are a clueless believer in Magic Walrus.

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