Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Police need entitlement payments too

My female Muslim patients who had grown up in Britain told me that the school inspectors had never intervened when their parents prevented them from attending school, often for years. On the other hand, white working-class parents were bullied by those inspectors when their refractory 15-year-old daughters refused to go. A few years ago it came to light that police in Rotherham had for decades systematically turned a blind eye to the mass sexual abuse of children—at least 1,400 victims—by Muslim men. This type of willful neglect by the authorities came as no surprise to me. On the contrary, it is precisely what I would have expected.
Your are a cop,  wanting to get all the goodies from the unsustainable pension system, waddya gonna do?  This is no different than UC Professors turning a blind eye and proposing the Stork Theory just to protect their pensions.. 

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