Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Reckless endangerment resulting in death

Yanez, the cop, had police training and years of experience to guide him in a situation like that. Castile, the civilian, had nothing except his wits. Go watch the dashcam video and you’ll see it’s Castile who’s clearly the more nervous of the two when the encounter begins yet he behaves perfectly reasonably, volunteering to Yanez that he has a weapon. Obviously he’s trying to alert the cop to the fact that there’s a gun in the car for fear that Yanez will spot it on his own and panic. Then he tries to comply with Yanez’s command to present his license and registration and Yanez, unreasonably, panics anyway and starts pumping shots into him.

Involuntary manslaughter.

We get these issue all the time in Fresno, CA.  The problem is that frightened little shithead momma's boys make for cheap cops as they get this bizarre sense of masculinity.  

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