Thursday, June 15, 2017

Sandbox ATMs work different

The global proliferation of bitcoin ATMs nearly doubled during May when compared with April. The United States and Canada saw increases in the number of bitcoin ATMs by almost 8%, whilst Russia’s bitcoin ATM presence evaporated following the withdrawal of Bitlish.
These ATMs generate tax cash for bitcoins on the ledger, or on account in a hardware wallet.

That changes when we have our secure elements.  In that cash, our card knows our typical cash needs, and it just updates our portfolio managing bots with the withdrawal. We get digits in hand, spendable without third party. (I should not have to repeat this, it is always implied). Our portfolios change, meaning our trader bots will be adjusting ledge entries at some convenient point.

So, the ATM becomes a secure price beacon beeping from the local bank data center.   We have already contracted to run within some shade of amber. Need more digits? Over-ride the contract, but it weakens your token power.

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