Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Sandbox make as many secure block chains as you want

Just like any other secure element app, you tap the block chain icon and you  become one of many 'miners' working on one block chain.  It is a honest deal with secure elements. And any other graph, distributed across the sandbox, can be operated by many on the one, even loops.   None of this patentable, all of this standard graph search commonly used in video games.

In the sandbox,  any user defined series of ledger points on an arbitrary virtual network is freely implementable with no fees and no patents.  It is intended to manage the congestion of virtual coins, which includes possible ownership according to secure element ID.

Just to state the rules, patent block chain all you want, except in the sandbox, where it is simple standard graph theory.  There is no possibility of any intellectual property rights, in the sandbox.

Secure python does the trick

The pit becomes a set of possibly connected nodes and the bots traverse the graph under rules already tested for instability.  The pit boss allocates cycles on the graph.  The bots, being honest, simply, asynchronously, register property changes, of various sorts, to the fulfillments or coins or tokens on the graph. That is, any priceable object appearing in a standard fair trade pit  works as a node property subject to modification by honest bot travelers. And they connect remotely.  It is the organized but null ledger service.

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