Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Some investment banks fear losing their implied license

The big banks that comply with central bank methods have an implied monopoly in getting the debt  flowing, they have an implied government license.  They fear the crypto world until central bank sanctify and insure.

It is not crypto, really, that they should fear, it is autotrading in the no arbitrage cash layer that they fear.   Government does crypto money in the swift exchange, I am sure.  I is at least protected.  What the fear is we have to make the auto traded cash layer, if we don't, we are always losing to the high frequency traders.

When GS customers want crypto, they really mean Redneck Trading architecture, believe me. They get the idea, it does way more than defeat the HFT, sandbox just shoves them aside.

Big bankers need to just go with auto traded pits, as described on this blog.

Really drive them bananas

Give the customers of the investment banks what they want, multi-currency, investment based hardware wallets.  Then give them this virtual sandboxes, sign up get the token. Bet the icons and price beacons.  let them deploy bots in the investment center, operating on multiple pits.  Auto trading, develop the technology to apply interest charges over compressed, finite flow networks; price everything, keep pricing and don't stop.

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