Thursday, June 1, 2017

The 7th appeals court says gender flipping is legal

Administrators at a Long Island high school forced a student to sign a contract barring her from changing her gender identity because she had switched it twice already, sources told The Post.Born a girl, the current Valley Stream South High School student, who asked to remain anonymous, said she first asked the school to recognize her as a male with a new name as a sophomore last year.A school social worker told her that hesitant administrators wanted her to delay the change until this year — purportedly because the process was lengthy and complicated.
Her guidance counselor agreed to again categorize her as female — but then handed her a contract to sign promising that she would no longer switch genders while at the school.The student agreed but felt she should never have been put in that position. “They should have just supported me in my decision either way,” she said.“A student should feel safe to figure their identity out no matter how many times they change who they are.” 
So we are seeing that the 7th must be composed of brainless activists judges in the Sotomayor mold.  As a result of not thinking this out, the 7th has opened a huge can of worms allowing gender flipping for many purposes.  For example, why not just have he Crimson Tide declare themselves female, thus meeting all of Title IX requirements? perfectly legal according to the 7th. 

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