Thursday, June 22, 2017

The spring break effect

The buyers' clubs

They pre-coordinate and create an artificial supply chain, sharing in gains to scale. 

They can be simulated, or activated, with specialized coins, or they can work with other coin issuers.  It is simple, really.  The beer drinkers will loan money for deliveries of a variety of beers to some region over some time period, a pit open to qualified beer producers.  The incentives do the rest, beer drinkers show up over the space and time and drink a variety of cheap brews from small breweries everywhere, while fishing in the boat.

The clubs are illiquid, bond to tight personal consumption contracts.  But the number of these clubs are enormous, they will pop up everywhere.  Retailers and suppliers will watch, sign up and discount. Clubs reduce flow jitter and pay for less spare capacity.

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