Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Swamp pays the ten year rate

We hear a bunch of nonsense that central bank money is cheap for the senators.  It is not.

The chart shows actual interest payments divided by total debt (includes SS funds). We can obviously see that the debt cartel has figured government projects are always ten year projects, and priced interest charges accordingly.

So, if we hear some nonsense that the Swamp can borrow its way out of debt, the answer is no.  Our GDP growth rate is likely 1.5%, all things being equal then borrowing money  makes the Swamp more bankrupt than it already is.

Isn't there some sort of nominal trick the Swamp can play where inflation eats away from debt?

The numbers posted above are ex post, based interest payments paid after all accounts are settled.  It there was some trick, the the Swamp would occasionally be getting money cheap. But is is never the safe, the actual interest payments always seem to be just above the ten year rate.

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