Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trump didn't need to crash Obamacare

Anthem Pulls Out Of Ohio Exchange In 2018

Here is the thing.  Obama planned to have Obamacare go through its struggles and get a reprieve from Hillary as the bills became due. He shifted risk to the presidential regime boundary.

Now he did this in that face of plain facts, we crash on presidential regime changes for this very reason.  The cycle function was well known to all the Kanosians, explicitly spelled out, known by all.  So, did they do anything to save Obamacare? Did they propose any changes to avoid the presidential regime problem? No, and no.

So, in conclusion we can say that we have a group of economists who deliberately engaged in fraud, with intent, just like Obama. We have a larger group of medical professionals who deliberately ignore economics, especially here in California.   Who else engages in fraud with the Swamp? California teachers, the same ones who  foisted ten years of turmoil in California with their support of NCLB.  No excuses, we know who the frauds are.

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