Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trump is ahead of these bozos

Legal experts were taken back by the level of potential self-sabotage that President Donald Trump committed by tweeting extensively Monday about the controversial travel ban currently blocked by the courts.
The issue Trump is getting at is simple, the president is allowed to use the new media and speak his mind.  He is correct, there is no reason to hamper his tweetabilities.  If the Constitution restricts the president, then shut  the constitution.  He is absolutely right.

The problem is all the countless bonehead political correcters whom claim we are some sort of democracy with some sort of magical sensitivity that goes beyond the senate idiocy.  Not so, we are a dysfunctional government and if Trump loses the case, so be it; he has demonstrated that the Swamp has fucked us over.

Thus, he is doing us all a favor, exposing the fraud that substitutes for logic. After that, then, we can fully justify defaulting the senate. Donald, Tweet away, the more the merrier.

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