Monday, June 19, 2017

Understanding your own savings and loans in the sandbox

Your bot is operating in the S&L pit, and you have digits in and digits out.  For the pit boss, he takes the aggregate of deposits and aggregate of loans and sort matches, covering the loans with deposits.

So, if you need a loan, key he card for a round trip message to the pits, over any communication channel. Some pits let you just spend, and notify later. It depends on your contract, but your secure element, the pit boss and your token will sort that all out.

Depending upon the state of affairs, you loan can be hit multiple times with asynchronous, adjustable interest charges.  Your bot can handle it, just check in now and then.  Some of the pits are configured for long term adjustable, in the sense of a house mortgage, not a problem.

When should you borrow rather than pay cash?  Your secure element can keep you in the even money bet, just pay according to price.

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