Tuesday, June 20, 2017

What do Blackrock customers really want?

Blackrock, one of the biggest investments banks, is going to autotrading bots:
The expansion of BlackRock's digital efforts comes as fund and wealth managers globally look to overhaul their distribution models amid tougher regulation, pressure on fees and the changing investment needs of a younger generation.
Patrick Olson, BlackRock's chief operating officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and who will join Scalable's supervisory board, said the decision to invest came as investors increasingly wanted to access their holdings using technology.

"This trend is prompting strong demand from European financial institutions – including banks, insurers, wealth managers and advisory firms – for high-quality technology-enabled investment solutions," Olsen said.

Customers want fair traded pits which are not  subject to skimming by HFT.  Thus, Blackrock needs to get their wealth customers secure elements and a trading architecture built to Redneck Systems reference architecture. Fell free to utilize the trading systems defined by this blog and nothing is patentable, including the S&L bet compression algorithms.

As far as secure elemets, Blackrock needs to pester the hardware wallet vendors.

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