Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Btc hard fork is fine and dandy

One miner segment wants to take voluntary accounts over to a larger block chain format without the Segwit.  The other has already adopted Segwit. Both will find niches, and the value of the niches, in sum,  greater than their separate parts, together. Now it should pay off, it is not a crowded market.  If they do it too often the ledger network becomes transaction costly, jammable.

No arb cash can watch the respective ledger queues and price stability in the coin price ratio. The two should trade at par, minus two tradebook uncertainties. The second trade uncertainty is the comparative congestion among the two ledgers, it is measured across exchanges.

Works fine, or  still works fine if you don't. We will S&L it and micro price all the queues.

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