Thursday, July 20, 2017

A new kid on the block

BMCHAIN platform will be based on high-performance industrial blockchain which possibilities will significantly reduce the costs of financial and communication transactions within IT system and effectively solve the business tasks. According to the calculations, the average transaction cost for such major payment systems like VISA or MasterCard varies between 0.5 and 7 cents. The integration of blockchain with comparable capacity (24000 / sec) into the payment processing systems allows reducing the cost of one transaction by 2,500 times to an extremely low level of 0.0002 cents without compromising the reliability of operations.
They can model with monetary transaction costs assumed zero.  The network queuing model become simple.

Much of the Mastercharge/Visa charge is part of central banking fees, the same product can be moved over to Btc or Eth,

Third, how to get the speed on blockchain? Dunno, not an expert in the area. This blurb came from an ad.

Over all I say great. But nothing beats a Redneck dual risk processor three color S&L demon enabling precision up to 16 basis points.

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