Friday, July 21, 2017

Add a cash drive to the risk processor

The risk processor gets an internal memory, port addressable via internal access functions.

Internal access functions are set at manufacturing time and bonded by Intel.  The internal flash cash drive is really a secure element. a spreadsheet that is manipulated via defined macros and hardware isolated.

For example, 30 major banks could order a limited supply of Intel chips with their own distributed clearing function, built in, protected.   A limited set allows distributed verification processes to move alongside money.  The built in validation keys allow random checking of neighboring chips, via inter locking groups thrown it at manufacturing time.  The counterfeiting process can be made very complex.

The chips can reveal the uncleared coin counts on a bank basis, allows pricing for ledger congestion. Banks my find themselves suddenly needing to buy back many of their coins, for deposit withdrawals.  The outstanding count of uncleared is observable, hence that risk priced.

Risk pricing works when banks see too many deposits from a ledger congested bank. They raise posted ledger fees for that brand of the coin. Then the weaker coin is cleared at a discount. So, then, all the large banks can operate bitcoin sidechains using existing technology as long as they to interbank clearing through the chip. They suffer the same 'card not present' error, and that shows up in loose deposits from bankers having weaker security.

It is the three color.  Each of the banks maintaining their own loans to deposit accounts, but as they are relatively out of balance with the other banks, a slight ledger fees applies across some accounts. The ledger balance becomes close to 'white', where we assume a three color basis.  White in the context means an unskewed, and small, ledger bit error. It acts like an insurance policy.

Bankers could use the chip for bankers' coin, separate from tax coin.  Bit coin is untrusted, distributed while bankers' coin is trusted distributed. The tax dollar is legally mandated spending. Configure the chip at manufacturing time for multiple monetary standards.

How many cash drives?

The originating bankers only want a hundred with their special key sets, bonded by Intel, finite expiration counts.  But, otherwise, the bankers want their microcode to be public property, freely distributed. The large banks have huge volume, and their clearing volume is huge.  But the element scales to multi-processor by chaining, the volume is managed.  because the banks make it multi-currency, bankers' coin is born, the native clearing function for the bankers association. The bankers win a shit load of side chain business, create a bunch more, and still support central banking.

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