Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Bankers and ad executives

The new ad model.

Bankers market the buyer's clubs, provide the S&L; ad executives post videos, short, long, how to, order books; all targeted at the buyer's collective wants. A perfect match, and this makes banker king of the hill again.  That will be twice my usual.

What do the bankers need?
Why, the Redneck Trading architecture, waddya know. We can three color, ad stream, savings and loans.  The little monetary system has a target, make the price variance coherent with the ad stream variance.  The club members have a hint, watch the videos a bit, then buy.  Meanwhile they can accumulate coins on account.  Very efficient, intelligent, low volatility buyer.

We run the business in the tax dollar. The idea being that club members are also tax payers.

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