Thursday, July 6, 2017

Being politically incorrect is my job

If You Want To Get A New Job, Don't Do This On Social Media

If I didn't work the social media, Tim Cook would have gotten a monopoly license on the new money technology, courtesy of our idiot patent office.  If the creator of  Ethereum was a polite kid he would have some dumbshit job at Apple, selling bogus patents.  

That did not happen, instead we have patent free, no arbitrage cash layer, open to everyone.  The number of jobs thus created is far greater.  No human resource administrator at Apple could ever accomplish the feat.

How much of the bogus Magic Walrus would have survived if not for the politically incorrect? Who would question the Krugman as he engages in one sided deceptions, reverting to single entry accounting?

How many undergraduates would have bought the Berkeley horse manure with only a few alternative voices? Who would have caught Cristina Romer in her bogus methods?

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