Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bitcoin hard fork going well

Major Exchanges Embrace Bitcoin Cash

Multiple bitcoin exchanges have signaled support for ‘Bitcoin Cash.’ This news comes alongside the inevitability that a UAHF event will occur.
Last week, detailed many of the exchanges and platforms that will be rejecting Bitcoin Cash (BCC), but now more appear to be settling into the idea that it will exist as a legitimate digital token. At the time of writing, futures of BCC are being traded on Viabtc’s exchange for roughly $390.
It looks as if we pass the rescaling technology upgrade in better shape with a brighter future.  And, we can deal with two blockchains, not a problem. 

So how is the central bank scaling upgrade coming?

Not well, the senate may not be able to afford the extra 150 billion in interest charges due. Janet will have to go QEing.

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